Bank for Business Called for

The Government should press ahead with the implementation of its business bank to support firms with the potential for growth, according to a leading business network. The latest employment figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that the number out of work fell by 14,000 in the final quarter of 2012.

Small Changes Big Outcomes

Most business owners would like to increase their net profit, but very few know where to start. Do you put your prices up, and risk losing customers? Do you cut costs, and risk providing an inferior product or service? Or do you keep doing what you are already doing and hope for the best?

Alternatively, you could make small improvements in a few key areas to give a BIG result.

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Why you need a good accountant

Why is it important to have an accountant?

There is no legal requirement for most businesses to have an accountant. The exceptions are those that are required by law to have what is known as an audit.  The requirement for an audit is for businesses with a turnover in excess of £10.2m or assets of £5.1m

Most businesses benefit from the advice, experience and wisdom of having an accountant to look after their financial affairs.  Not least if it is simply to ensure they operate legally and to help minimise any tax liabilities they may have.

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