Employee Tax Information

Employer Provided Cars

The current regime for taxing employer provided cars (commonly referred to as company cars) is intended: to encourage manufacturers to produce cars which are more environmentally friendly and to give employee drivers and their employers a tax incentive to choose more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles. We set out… Read More

Employer Supported Childcare

Some of the rules affecting the provision by employers of childcare vouchers and employer-supported childcare changed from April 2011. It is important that employers are aware of these changes so that they can advise their employees of what these changes mean. They may also have to make changes to such schemes before offering… Read More

Employment Benefits

Today the remuneration of many directors and employees comprises a package of salary and benefits. Essentially two tests must be applied in determining the tax implications of any benefit. Is the benefit taxable? If the benefit is taxable, what is its taxable value? In this factsheet, we give guidance on some of the main benefit in kind… Read More

Homeworking and Tax Relief for Employees

Over the last ten years technology has advanced massively. It was not so long ago that mobile phones were the size of a brick. Now emails and the internet can be accessed on the move. However, whilst technology has moved on, travelling has become more and more difficult. Homeworking has become the answer for many but how have the… Read More

National Insurance

National insurance contributions (NICs) are essentially a tax on earned income. The NICs regime divides income into different classes: Class 1 contributions are payable on earnings from employment, while the profits of the self-employed are liable to Class 2 and 4 contributions. National insurance is often overlooked yet it… Read More

Payroll – Basic Procedures

In order to set up a Pay As You Earn (PAYE) scheme with HMRC it is necessary to contact the New Employer’s Helpline on 0845 6070143 or to complete the appropriate section of the form CWF1 (Starting in Business). When you have registered HMRC will send guidelines on operating PAYE and National Insurance (NI). There are… Read More

Payroll Real Time Information

We set out below significant changes to the way payroll information will need to be submitted to HMRC under Real Time Information (RTI). RTI is to be introduced for the majority of employers from April 2013. However please be aware that the guidance on how the system is to be operated is constantly being revised by HMRC so please do get in touch for the most up to date guidance… Read More

Travel and Subsistence for Directors and Employees

Travelling and subsistence expenditure incurred by or on behalf of employees gives rise to many problems. We highlight the main areas to consider in deciding whether tax relief is available on travel and subsistence. Many employees have a place of work which they regularly attend and make occasional trips out of the normal workplace to a… Read More