Pensions – Automatic Enrolment

To encourage more people to save in pension schemes, the government has placed greater responsibility on employers to provide access to pension provision. Up until 1 October 2012 there was no requirement for an employer to pay employer contributions into a scheme. There was also no requirement for the employee to enter an employer provided scheme… Read More

Pensions – Tax Reliefs

There are two broad types of pension schemes from which an individual may eventually be in receipt of a pension: Occupational schemes and Personal Pension schemes. An occupational pension is an arrangement an employer can use to provide benefits for their employees when they leave or retire. The number of occupational pension schemes has declined in recent years in part due to the regulations imposed upon the schemes… Read More

Personal and Stakeholder Pensions

Personal and Stakeholder Pensions are common types of ‘registered pension schemes’. A registered pension scheme allows the member to obtain tax relief on contributions into the scheme and tax free growth of the fund. A personal pension is a privately funded pension plan. A stakeholder pension is a more tightly regulated person… Read More