How Is Xero Approaching AI To Make Managing Finances Even Easier?

At Trinity Accountants, we’re big fans of Xero so we’re excited to discuss how they’re using AI to help make it even easier for businesses to manage their finances and daily operations!  

At Xero’s recent Investor Day in Melbourne, they unveiled a variety of new products and tech updates that are aimed at empowering customers to streamline their operations and effortlessly manage their finances. Among the exciting advancements highlighted was the integration of Generative AI (GenAI) into Xero’s platform, marking a leap forward in accounting technology. From conversational interfaces to automated tasks and predictive insights, Xero is now using AI technology to redefine how businesses handle their accounting needs. 

Xero’s approach to GenAI integration 

At their Investor Day, Xero outlined three key areas where GenAI will play a key role in helping businesses: 

Conversational interfaces: They’re introducing conversational interfaces across the platforms and devices where businesses need the most support, including mobile, WhatsApp, and Xero’s own customer support site, Xero Central. 

Automation and streamlining: We get it, some of those repetitive and time-consuming accounting tasks like bank reconciliation can be a bit of a bore. GenAI will automate and streamline these important tasks, freeing you up to focus on other areas of your business that need a more human touch. 

Timely insights: Xero is enhancing features like Xero Analytics Plus to deliver precise insights at the right moments. 

Introducing Just Ask Xero (JAX) 

One of the most exciting developments in Xero’s AI updates is the creation of their very own smart business companion; Just Ask Xero (JAX). Using the power of large language models, JAX is an amazing leap forward in how users can interact with data. The JAX beta will go live later in 2024, giving users an early taste of this exciting new tool! 

A natural, approachable interface 

JAX offers users an easy way to interact with Xero’s products using conversational language; in other words, it won’t feel too robotic! Whether on mobile, WhatsApp, email, or directly within Xero, users can simply ask JAX to perform tasks like generating an invoice, editing a quote, or paying a bill. This intuitive approach makes navigating Xero’s features more accessible and efficient. 

Anticipating needs and delivering insights 

JAX doesn’t just execute tasks; it also anticipates subsequent actions. For instance, after generating an invoice, JAX might suggest sending a follow-up email for overdue payments. Plus, JAX provides personalised, real-time insights such as cash flow projections, helping customers to make informed business decisions with confidence. 

Enhancing customer onboarding and support with GenAI 

GenAI isn’t just transforming task management; it’s also helping improve customer onboarding and support.  

Streamlined onboarding 

The AI assistant guides new users through setting up their Xero dashboard, providing relevant answers and information along the way. This new and improved process ensures that new customers can get up and running quickly and confidently. 

Integrating AI into JAX 

Xero’s plan is to integrate this AI assistant into JAX, creating a unified experience that makes onboarding and troubleshooting that much simpler. This integration will make it easier for users to navigate Xero’s features and resolve any issues they may come across. 

Improved customer support with Xero Central 

Xero have also embedded a GenAI tool into Xero Central, their customer support site. This tool uses conversational language to provide quick and accurate answers to customer queries. Early testing results have been promising, with a 40% reduction in average customer search time and a 20% decrease in sessions requiring additional support! 

We’re really excited to see where this is heading, and how much time and effort can be saved using this integration. Do let us know if you have any questions. 


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