How to Customise Invoices With Xero

If you already use Xero accounting software, you’ll know how much easier it makes running your business. And, if you hadn’t already discovered all the different ways it helps you, here’s one more.

With Xero you can customise your invoices so that your brand and business information is clear and consistent. And you can create different invoice templates that are more suitable for your individual customers too.

Important information to include on your Xero invoice template

Firstly, make sure you add your key business information to your template. Information you can change or add includes:

  • Your business logo
  • IBAN and BACS information.
  • Your registered address.
  • Your company numbers
  • A privacy policy
  • VAT information
  • Payment terms

Different types of template in Xero

You can create a number of different templates in Xero, including different invoice options. This allows you to have different templates when you offer clients different payment terms, or if you need to change banking information to relate to different departments in your business. You can also create an invoice reminder and late payment chasers.

Invoice reminders 

Chasing unpaid invoices is a regular job for businesses and one that can take a lot of time. Xero can help to speed thing up, and save you having to duplicate paperwork. With the use of automated chaser emails you can send reminders to go out as often as you need to – such as every 7 or 14 days. The time frame is up to you, and you can change the email content to suit your message.

If debtors are more regular than occasional and causing you cashflow problems, there are other options available. Chaser is a third-party credit control app that syncs seamlessly with Xero and can help you to manage your payments, making tracking and chasing invoices much easier. It also automates your emails and provides insight into your customer’s payment behaviour so that you can identify consistent late-payers.

Chasing debt can be uncomfortable and difficult for any business owner. Using an app like Chaser, which can also link to your solicitor letters, helps to remove you one step from the process and make it less personal and frustrating. In addition, you can re-word your templates when you need to be more forceful.

Branding themes

Other uses for individual templates include branding options – so you can create different themes depending on which payment option you choose to accept, such as GoCardless, EasyPay or Stripe.

Accounting software like Xero is designed to make your business admin easier and save you time. If you need help identifying how to use the many options Xero offers or would like to discuss your cashflow options, we are happy to help. Just contact us today to arrange an appointment.

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