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Finding the right keynote speaker for your event can be a challenge, especially when you need someone to talk about starting a new business. You need a charismatic, enthusiastic professional to deliver engaging, valuable advice that will captivate your audience and leave them feeling motivated and inspired to go away and use what they have heard to add value to their business.

“ Sam was lovely, great presentation and answered the questions so clearly and concisely. ”


My name is Samantha Rollins, I am a partner here at Trinity Accountants.  We are a successful accountancy firm based in Coventry that specialises in small and medium sized businesses in the service sector and pride ourselves on being modern, friendly and approachable.  I was recently voted by the Sunday Times as one of the Top 100 Accountants in the UK, which I was delighted about, and my particular passion is helping budding entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground.   

Invite me to speak at your event and I will strip away all meaningless accountancy jargon and advise your audience as to how they can keep more of what they earn.  12 years in practice has given me the thorough understanding of the complexities of the UK Tax System that enables me to offer advice in layman terms to the non-accountancy trained entrepreneur simply wanting to run their business in the most efficient and profitable way.

What you can expect if you invite me to speak at your event:

5 Ways to Instantly Save Tax

The Budget and How It Affects You and Your Business

How to Save Time and Improve Profitability in Your Business

Knowing Your Numbers, to Make the Very Best Financial Decisions

Cloud Bookkeeping

Making Tax Digital

How to Save Time and Improve Profitability from Your Property Investments

Managing Your Property Investment Finances to Save Time and Money

Invite Sam Rollins to Speak at Your Event

Invite me to Speak at Your Event

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Modern • Friendly • Approachable

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