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If you’re considering starting a new business or have recently begun a new business venture,  then you’ll probably have lots of questions and queries about what you need to do and in what order. At Trinity, we specialise in helping entrepreneurs like you make their dream a reality.

Help To Start a New Business

  • We will help you with your business plan if required
  • We will assist you in obtaining a business bank account – if required, we have relationships with several banks that allows an account to be formed within 48 hours with free banking for 12 months and a nominal fixed fee thereafter
  • We offer free advice on whether to set up as a sole trader, partnership or limited company
  • We will advise on how to structure the ownership of the company or partnership to make it as tax efficient as possible.
  • We will form your limited company for you, if required
  • We will advise HMRC that your business has started and complete the relevant forms to avoid any nasty penalties
  • We will advise whether you are obliged to be VAT registered or, whether there is an advantage in voluntarily registering
  • We will set up a Payroll scheme for you and register it with HMRC
  •  If you choose to register or are obliged to register for VAT, we will prepare the necessary forms
  • We will advise on how to keep your accounts, and provide you with access to our intuitive and beautifully simple online accounting software – Xero
  • If you choose to use other accounting software, we are happy to offer advice and even training if required.

In addition to helping you setup your business we also provide a range of accountancy services.

If you would like to discuss any of the services above, please call us on 02475 185286, email or send us a message @trinityacc.

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