Terms and Conditions

Terms of reference: You are the client

  • The client must advise Trinity Accountants of a current email address and undertake to visit that email address on a regular basis to deal with any request from Trinity Accountants. The client undertakes to inform Trinity Accountants of any change to the email address within 5 working days.
  • Expense claims where appropriate must be supported by an original valid VAT receipt which should be submitted to Trinity Accountants. If original receipts need to be submitted to the end client to support client billable expenses Trinity Accountants will accept scanned, faxed or photocopied versions.
  • Access to any of our systems is available only whilst remaining a fee paying client of Trinity Accountants.
  • Trinity Accountants shall not be liable for any interest or penalties incurred by the client or the client’s limited company which arise from the failure of the Director to deal with any requests from Trinity Accountants or any Government department in a timely manner.
  • By joining Trinity or completing the company formation details, the client is authorising Trinity Accountants to carry out online checks for the purposes of Money Laundering, and to form their limited company and arrange a business account for their limited company with Cater Allen or HSBC unless the client has notified us that they either will be arranging their own account, or already have a business bank account, if applicable.
  • We guarantee that we will not charge you any more than the fixed price quotation provided. If you require additional services, no work will be undertaken until we have agreed a price with you in advance.
  • Our quotation for the preparation of accounts includes a guarantee that your draft accounts will be completed within 1 month of the date that all required paperwork is received from you. In the event that we do not meet this deadline, no charge will be made for preparing your accounts.
  • The client may request that Trinity refer them to an IFA for mortgage or investment advice.  In line with most IFA introducers, Trinity may receive commission for this introduction. Trinity will write to each client advising them of the amount, once the commission has been received. The client agrees by signing this letter of engagement that Trinity can retain this commission.
  • The client agrees that they are liable for any Trinity fees that remain unpaid by the client’s company or business.
  • The client agrees to set up a direct debit mandate in favour of Trinity Accountants and pay all fees by this method whilst a client of Trinity Accountants.
  • At the end of the month in which the client resigns or leaves Trinity, Trinity Accountants will cease to act as the registered office of the client’s limited company and will not deal with any correspondence received. Trinity Accountants will change the registered office to the last personal address held for the client. Please note, if the client address is in Scotland, it will not be possible for Trinity Accountants to do this on the client’s behalf and the client will be responsible for arranging this. If this is not done within a reasonable time frame then any correspondence will be returned to the sender.
  • The client is responsible for their own commercial decisions and risks. Trinity Accountants provides accountancy and tax advice only. We do not provide legal or contractual advice.
  • If an existing client recommends Trinity Accountants to a friend or colleague and, as such, qualifies for a referral fee which Trinity may decide to offer from time to time, then the referred client(s) must retain full fee paying status with Trinity Accountants for a minimum of 3 months and meet with our standard criteria for the referrer to be eligible for any referral fee.