The Five Essential Systems to Link to your Xero

As Xero Accountants, we love Xero – it’s one of the best cloud accounting platforms on the market.

However, we – and, indeed, Xero themselves – are under no illusion that it sometimes needs a little help from a friend (or two).

Thankfully, Xero features a huge range of add-ons that include integrations with a tonne of third-party systems. You can view them all in the Xero App Marketplace, but there are some that we think are rather essential.


Below, we’ve picked out five key Xero integrations which we think will benefit most businesses – maybe including yours.

1. Receipt Bank

No one wants to deal with a shed load of paperwork in the digital age, which is why Receipt Bank is so popular. It offers a simple way for users to submit receipts, invoices and bills without any printing, mailing or faffing about.

Simply send documents to a personalised Receipt Bank email address and the software ensures it ends up ready to review and publish in Xero with one click. So simple!

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2. Tripcatcher

Anyone who has spent time out on the road for business will know what a pain in the you-know-what it can be come expense claim time.

Say goodbye to fiddling with petrol receipts by linking Tripcatcher to Xero. Tripcatcher is a nifty piece of software that automatically records business mileage and inserts the results from each trip directly into Xero, helping you claim back that all important VAT on mileage. You can enter trips in manually too, if preferred.

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3. Cashflow add-ons

Cash flow can make or break any business, which is why it’s one of the most important things you’ll deal with on a daily basis.

Manual accounting of your cash flow is incredibly time-consuming and the perfect breeding ground for mistakes. Thankfully, there are lots of cashflow add-ons available for Xero.

By using dedicated cash flow software, you can gain an unrivalled view of your current and future cash situation. This enables scenario planning, reliable ‘expected’ payment dates, and much more.

Here are some of the best Xero cashflow integrations:

4. WorkflowMax

If you’re a business that regularly produces timesheets, quotes and financial project plans, WorkflowMax really needs to be within your arsenal of tools.

It’s used by over 50,000 business, thanks in no small part to a brilliant integration with Xero. By linking the two systems together, you can push sales invoices from WorkflowMax directly into Xero, receive payment confirmation when things are paid, and integrate the entire accounts payable process.

If you use both systems already, get them linked up!

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5. Payments add-ons

If you’re running a retail business of any kind, there are countless options for accepting payments that are simple to implement and highly cost effective.

Unfortunately, as good as payment platforms are, they can create heaps of work if they’re not fully linked with your accounting software.

The good news? Xero links to all of the main – along with some of the more niche – payment gateways, which means every bit of cash that flows through your business is accounted for without you having to lift a finger or conduct any form of dual entry.

Here are some of the best Xero payment add-ons:

Wrapping up

We’ve only skimmed the surface above – there really are so many brilliant third-party integrations for Xero.

If you need help choosing the right add-on or have any questions about the benefits of using the above systems with Xero, we’d be happy to help.

Just get in touch with our friendly team today.

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