As promised, I thought I’d give you one last ‘bonus’ tip as you’ve completed the full week of emails. I hope the tips have been useful for you, and if we can help in any way then please do give us a call or request a free consultation.

Up to date records for the ultimate tax planning advice

Get your records up to date using a cloud-based system so that you can make better business decisions and your accountant can give you the best possible tax planning advice. Tax planning cannot be done retrospectively!

Having your records up to date and accurate can ensure;

  • Added value advice – your accountant and tax adviser have the information they need to give you the very best tax-saving advice, together with as many tax-saving opportunities as possible. With this information readily available to them, they can use the time that you are paying them for to add value to your business rather than just supplying a compliance data entry service, which let’s be honest, can be prepared these days by computerised software. So, whether it be an additional pension payment that they suggest or the purchase of a new lease vehicle, having your information readily available to them will give them the opportunity to spend their time finding and suggesting ways to save you tax.
  • Better decision making – Real time records enable you to make effective, timely business decisions to help move your business forward. For example, when is the right time to take on your next employee or make a new investment? It would be potentially lethal to your business to make such decisions without up to date records, and postponing decisions whilst you get your records up to date could mean missing out on great opportunities!

So, that concludes are email series of tax-saving tips, we hope you’ve found them useful and given you some food for thought. If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to call us on 02475 185286  or request a free consultation.